My name is Abaki Beck (she/her), I’m a mixed-race, Native and white writer and public health PhD student. I have worked as a freelance writer since 2017, publishing articles in Bitch, Yes! Magazine, Talk Poverty, Health Affairs Blog, and other national media. My writing is featured in the 2022 book Aftermath: Life In Post-Roe America from She Writes Press and the 2023 book Artists Remaking Medicine from Procedure Press. Check out examples of my freelance work here.

This Substack is focused on personal essays and reflections rather than reported work, reviews, and profiles as I’ve previously done.

I’m particularly interested in writing about grief (death, loss, cultural genocide, historic trauma), knowledge (legitimization of knowledge, academia, traditional knowledge learned from relatives, reclaiming Indigenous knowledges), and family(traditions, kinship, communities, childhood). Check out my Why I Write post to learn more.

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